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Zaq tut

How to go from to

open your base image

go to image adjudstments >> desaturate

go to image >> adjust bright /contrast

bright -13
cont +47
(this vill vary depending on the image you are using but you want to get the effect below)

duplicate layer

go to filter >> blur >> radial blur

amount 10
blur method >> spin

set layer opacity to %60

select a soft edged round tip brush >> size 14 >> and erase the area over the flower so the previous layer shows through >> return layer opacity to 100

Open this texture

set to soft light %100 >> erase the part of the texture covering the center of the flower

create a new layer >> set to screen

select color #fb04ca

using a soft edge round tip brush >> opacity 23, colour in the flower

open this texture >> set layer to screen >> erase the dots covering the very center of the flower

go to image >> layer >> new adjustment layer >> hue/saturation

set hue to +25
saturation to +29
lightness to 0

create a new layer >> set to screen >> select colour #fe0101

using round tipbrush size 43 opacity 34 >> highlight the bottom flower petals


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Have fun and be creative :)

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