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Tutorial - turquoise miz

How to make this icon

Open your base image

Go to image >> transform >> scale

Press and hold the shift key >> hover your mouse over one of the corners and drag the image down and in reducing its size.
(Holding shift makes sure the picture dosn't end up looking squished or elongated)

Open texture "beige by tiger_tutorials 38"

Go to edit >> transform >> flip vertical
then move the texture down so it covers the white area.

Open texture "04 Blue Tune by tiger_tutorials"

Set the layer to colour then move it down so it covers the beige texture

Open texture "watercolour by tiger_tutorials 21"

Using the magic wand tool, select the white stripe.

Press ctrl and c then ctrl and v to copy and paste it as a new layer.

Go to edit >> transform >> rotate 90 CCW

Go to edit >> transform >> scale and reduce the thickness of the line then move it to cover the join between the texture and picture

Press ctrl and shift and n to open a new layer. Fill it with colour #d6dbb2

Open texture "19 Florentine Purple by tiger_tutorials"

Go to layer >> layer mask >> reveal all

Select a soft tip, round brush size 48, opacity %40 and mask the part of the texture that covers the main focus of the picture

Open texture "01 Underwater by tiger_tutorials"

Go to edit >> transform >> size and increase the size of the texture so that the dark bit at the bottom of the texture no longer shows

Set the layer to overlay >> opacity %62

Links to texture sets
Florentine Purple

by fluidic_icons
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